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To provide online Life Coaching for women to maximize personal satisfaction

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About Our Mentors:

Our Mentors are Volunteers who have agreed to share their Experiences and Expertise from many aspects of life. They may be women who have pursued a passion that has led to a career that they are proud to have pursued.

Some may have overcome obstacles to get where they are today. Others may have struggled in their journey to discover their passions or to really know themselves. All share one commonality; they knew they wanted to experience joy in their lives and they wanted to feel they had some choices in their destiny. As a result the Mentors of PEP-Perspectives may not be the CEO’s or the business owners or the professionals, but on their Life Journey they are aware of the decisions that have brought them happiness and life satisfaction.

How Do I Utilize the Experience or Expertise (E2 Shared) of a Mentor?

When you are a client of the Personal EmpowerMEnt Program, (PEP-Perspectives) you will be given a password that will give you access to the various categories of Mentors on the website. They contribute to your Life Coaching in a variety of ways:

  • They have shared a written version of how they have empowered themselves or have been empowered
  • They have recorded a podcast
  • PEP-Perspectives will attempt to get specific questions from our clients answered online by our volunteer mentors

How Do I Volunteer to Be a Mentor?

Please go to Contact us and request a PEP-Perspectives representative to call or email you.

The criteria for volunteering is as follows:

  • Agree to submit either a written or recorded life experience that has made you who you are today. Only first names will be used, unless Mentor has given permission to use full name
  • Agree to share your written or recorded expertise with any client that PEP authorizes to have access to our “Mentoring” segment
  • Although not required, periodically a client may ask for a more detailed email or online contact from our Mentors. These requests will be specifically coordinated with the coach and mentor


Benefits of Mentoring

  • Share life experiences & expertise with another generation
  • Totally safe and no risk while reaching many women from across the country
  • Allows you to volunteer when it is convenient and from anywhere throughout the day
  • Able to maintain your privacy
  • If desired, Mentor’s company or business may be mentioned for promotional purposes in “Promoting our Mentor’s”

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