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Cocoon to Butterfly

Now may be the time to break out of your cocoon and fly. Soar with Passion!

“They Dreamed it…they DID IT”–featuring experiences of mentor(s) & PEP clients.

Since the beginning of the 2013 fall school year, Gema Marquez has been at the helm of an incredible project for pre-school & Kinder children in 10+ schools in the area surrounding La Penita de Jaltemba in Nayarit, MX: Books on Wheels! Gema is a retired Kinder teacher of 25+ years with a passion for teaching children the ‘Love of Learning’, especially the Love of Reading! For 9-10 months of the school year, Gema packs up her car 5 mornings per week & drives to a total of 10 schools in rural Nayarit, MX; reading to over 300 children per week. She spends approximately 1 1/2 hour at each school, reading a book, doing coordinating activities & rotating 5 books at every school for the teachers to read to the students throughout the week. In addition to teaching the children how fun learning can be via books, she is inadvertently mentoring 10+ teachers with her enthusiasm for making the words come alive on the pages as well as teaching them how to stimulate the children’s imagination. This project was initially funded by 3 USA Rotary Clubs with financial assistance from an International Rotary Grant. The success of the program is incredible! Students, teachers & parents anxiously await the arrival of the ‘Red Book Mobile’…where the wheels of the mobile turn new pages every week opening up the children’s eyes to a world beyond their vision! Books on Wheels is currently establishing a not-for-profit status so that visitors & organizations can contribute to keep this program alive. The new program is also establishing a training program to excite teachers in rural Mexico to help build this love of reading beyond the 10 schools currently being served. Way to go GEMA…I cannot even imagine how many lives you are touching because of your passion!

PEP’s Mentor; Cindy Murray opens her new business Eliza Mae Day Spa on November 8, 2014 with an open house in Cochrane, Alberta Canada. Cindy is a 5-year stage 4 cancer survivor who chose to live life with a positive attitude. Cindy took it a step farther & is now helping other women learn how to create positive energy in their own lives in her new day spa. Very exciting news & so proud of Cindy for taking charge of her destiny. Watch for upcoming live webinars where Cindy will share more of her life story of the challenges of living & defeating stage 4 cancer!

PEP’s follower, Karla Machado, & owner of Kscholastic followed her passion. She loved teaching! That job allowed her to do some part time tutoring, which ultimately led to starting her business of Kscholastic Inc.; a tutoring business focused on teaching Spanish. Starting a business is no easy task & Karla nearly gave up her business to take on a full-time job with benefits, when she encountered some financial challenges. However, by taking time to do some real soul-searching & listening to some poignant advice from a friend who said, “A day job with money isn’t always fulfilling”. “Moving up in life takes down times and if you want to make it, you have to get through those times”. “Let this motivate you to keep going for your goals!” Karla did just that and within a month many positive things began to happen. Karla, in her mid 20’s has hired 7 new tutors, now totaling 12 employees; she offers tutoring in every subject, K-12, including SAT & ACT prep & conducts “Happy-Hour” Spanish classes for adults at local restaurants. Karla says, “It’s important to remember why you are where you are and how to reach your OWN definition of SUCCESS! Congrats Karla Follow Karla on Facebook @ Kscholastic Inc.

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