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Online Life Coaching

PEP-Perspectives is a coaching and mentoring program led by Janell (Weeks) Tessari MS, LMHP. As a therapist for over 25 years, Janell has motivated clients to take charge of their lives. Our Personal EmpowerMEnt Program challenges you to explore new perspectives utilizing your personal strengths. You already possess the inner core required to add more joy & hopefulness to your life, we will provide guidance to turn that belief into action!

You may ask: What kind of clients enroll in PEP Online Life Coaching…and why?

  • You have experienced a crisis and feel like you are recovering; now you would like additional support and encouragement to keep you moving forward
  • You have gone through a life-changing event and have ‘survived’, however you would like someone to guide you through the options that lie ahead

  • You have this feeling inside of yourself that your life is not as joyful as it could be

  • You find yourself going through each day without a real sense of passion in your career or in your life; you would like to discover what is missing

  • Relationships are important to you, however, the people in your life do not seem to be filling your ‘bucket’

  • You fInd yourself experiencing more negativity than optimism; you want to put on a new pair of glasses with positive lenses
  • It’s really ALL about YOU; focus on making your life one that YOU want it to be

When you make the decision that it is time to take action, PEP helps to energize and support you through the process of discovering your own ‘wings’. You are never too old and it is never too late to empower yourself to pursue your passions!
PEP-Perspectives gives women the opportunity to obtain coaching while in the comfort of their own home; at a time that is convenient for them; and at an affordable rate. SKYPE video, Google + (Video) and/or Face Time is recommended for the 1st session and also can be used for all sessions. Phone or Skype calls are also appropriate means to obtain coaching. The most convenient method for the client will be arranged when an appointment is scheduled.

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